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History Internet Resources

**** Historical Pictures and Clipart ***
A great selection of historical pictures and clipart.

Hominid Species Timeline
The chronological chart below shows the main Hominid species.

Ancient Scripts of the World: Home
Writing systems from around the world.

The Physical Characteristics of Humans
Learn about the evolution of the human body,the characteristics of the human species such as erect posture and bi-pedalism.

Overview of Human Origins
Overview of Human Evolution and human orgins. Includes information on the Hominid Species Timeline and Human Physical Characteristics over time.

Sigmund Freud:Conflict and Culture
Features information about the life, and the theories of Sigmund Freud, from the Library of Congress.

Erect Posture and Bi-Pedalism
Information about one of the most distinctive human characteristics is our ability to walk erect, bi pedalism.

Latino Websites

Hunters and Gathering
Learn about the Hunters and gathers.

Hispanic Americans History & Literature for K12
Materials on Hispanics history and culture for K12

Footnotes to History- by James L. Erwin
The nations you didn't learn about in high school geography

Millersville University-Columbus and the Age of Discovery
Text retrieval system of over 1000 articles, speeches. conference papers, opinions, etc., relating to various 'Encounter' and 'Discovery' themes.

Prehistoric Grampian
Aberdeenshire has the greatest concentration of stone circles anywhere, with over 90 of them being of the type known as Recumbent Stone Circles, a type that is almost unique to Britain and Ireland.

Columbine Remembered
In memory of the precious students and teacher who died or were injured at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado on April 20, 1999

National History Day
The year-long National History Day program is an historical issues, ideas, people and events.

Twenty-Five Lectures on Modern Balkan History
A series of lecture on the hitory of the Balkans.