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Medieval History Internet Resources

Medieval History Clipart and Pictures
A selection of medieval related clipart, includes crusades, feudalisn, food and cookery, games,inquisition, war and armies...

Medieval Clipart, Woodcuts and Pictures
You will find lots of medieval clipart, woodcuts and pictures..

Medieval Woodcut Clipart
Here is a collection of Medieval clipart culled from various period sources, most notably woodcuts of the 15th & 16th centuries.

Medieval Timeline Reference
Resource for English Medieval history from 800 to 1500 with details of people, places, maps and events.

Middle Ages & Renaissance Mini-books and Vocabulary
Middle Ages & Renaissance Mini-books and Vocabulary for you to download

Joan's Mad Monarchs Series
Biographies of deranged and peculiar royals in history. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction! Mad King George, Caligula, Ivan IV the terrible, etc.

Medieval/Renaissance Food Clip-Art Collection

Camelot International: Legend of Camelot
Camelot the Legend offers the visitor a journey through time to the days of Excalibur, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Medieval Times
Integrated thematic unit on Middle Ages and King Arthur

Medieval World
Medieval History of Britain

Medieval Farm Tools
Learn about the different medieval farm tools, such as the scythe, plough ..

Medieval English urban history
Historical information about English cities and towns in the Middle Ages, with emphasis on medieval boroughs of East Anglia and on political and constitutional history. Includes primary material.

Kings of England
William, the Conqueror and William III...

Anglo Saxons

Britannia: King Arthur in the View of the Historians
Britannia's comprehensive guide to the history of England, Wales and Scotland

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. Edward the Confessor
An article from the Catholic Encyclopedia about Edward the Confessor.