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18th Century Inventions
A resource for 18th century inventions

18th Century
18th Century

18th Century Clothing
Resource for 18th Century Clothing facts and pictures

18th century
Encyclopedia article with information about the 18th Century.

Eighteenth-Century Chronology
Important milestones in arts, science, and politics listed year by year from 1660 to 1800.

Dry Drunk
From the New York Public Library comes an in-depth exhibit and exploration of the culture of tobacco in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries.

18th Century History

C18-L's Selective Readings
An online running international bibliography of scholarly work in 18th-century studies in all disciplines. A volunteer project edited by Kevin Berland.

The Enlightenment
An outline of the development and major ideas of the European Enlightenment.

Late 17th century Clothing History
An impressive site containing a lot of information on both the French and English Baroque periods.

Sikh History
A large and impressive page on Sikh culture and history, including a section on 18th-c. Sikh warriors.

History of the Philippines
Brief chronology of major 18th century events in the Philippines.

Dictionary of Sensibility
A new approach towards understanding the language of eighteenth-century sensibility. It provides an atmospheric view of the multiple connotations of the terms of that language by collecting excerpts from primary texts of sensibility and scattering them among twenty four key terms.

16th to 18th Century History Articles
Brief essays more journalistic than scholarly on newspaper coverage of early American history.

Eighteenth-Century Resources
Jack Lynch provides an extensive list of links to sites on the internet dealing with 18th century art, architecture, history, literature, music, religion, science, and mathematics among other fields.