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Vikings Illustrations and Pictures
Vikings Illustrations and Pictures

Viking Runes and Rune Stones
Like wrestling, swimming and fighting, writing was considered a special skill among the Vikings. The alphabet they used was invented by their ancient Scandinavian ancestors..

The Beginning of the Viking Age
On the 8th of June in the year 793, a group of Norsemen attacked an unsuspecting 6th century monastery on the island of Lindesfarne

Navigating Viking Ships
If you were to travel on a ship today, you would feel very safe k

Thor and His Hammer
Every society around the world has developed some sort of religious beliefs. They usually have one or more supernatural beings and a variety of beliefs in an afterlife.

Viking Clothing
Finding clothing intact after being buried for hundreds of years is very unusual in archaeology. The fabrics people used in the past were made from wool and linen. Being organic, they quickly rotted. Very little is left for archaeologists to find and study.

The Knarr
While Viking warriors raided and looted their way across Europe and parts of Asia, many more of them lived in communities scattered along the coastline of Norway, Denmark

The Viking Warrior
The Vikings did not have military uniforms. Unless a Viking warrior was chosen to fight in the king's..

Dragonships: Fact or Fiction
Years ago, archaeologists did not believe dragon prowled Viking ships existed. They thought these ships, often mentioned in Viking sagas

Who Were the Vikings?
The word "Vikings" has been used to identify all the people who lived in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden in early medieval times. They earned the name "Vikings", and the bad reputation