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Pirates!: Fact
Pirate history, pirate news, this is a comprehenisive web site created for learning a great deal about piracy.

A Pirate Clipart
A great selection of Pirate Clipart

Bartholomew Roberts
Bartholomew Roberts (c. 1682 - February 10, 1722), also known as Black Bart, was one of the most notorious English pirates of his day

Samuel Bellamy
Samuel Bellamy aka "Black Sam" Bellamy sailed "the Whydah Gally" when she sank off Cape Cod

Pirates Homepage
Some famous pirates - Henry Morgan, Blackbeard, William Kidd, Bartholomew Roberts, Mary Read and Anne Bonny

Pirates Providence

Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger. The flags flown by the early pirates; often showing skull and crossbones in means to strike mortal terror.

Calico Jack
Rackham, commonly known as Calico Jack, was a pirate captain during the 18th century. He earned his name from the colourful Calico..

The UnMuseum - The Golden Age of Piracy
History of Pirates.

Pirates of the Bahamas
Privateers and pirates were essentially the same thing, privateers simply carried a government license called a "Letter of Marque."

Calico Jack
Rackham is remembered more for his favorite clothing and his female crewmembers than for his mediocre accomplishments as a pirate. His nickname is for the cheap and brightly colored cotton clothes he was fond of

Captain Christopher Condent
Christopher Condent was an English pirate who led the return to the Eastern Seas. He and his crew fled New Providence in 1718, when Woodes Rogers became governor of the is..

Thomas Tew
Thomas Tew (aka the Rhode Island Pirate) was a pirate who gained notoriety in the 1690s in the Red Sea..

A very short article including pictures of Calico jack.

The Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck Project - Archaeological Investigations of Bl

The Canadian Privateering Homepage
A website that explores privateers based in Canada with information about ships, sailors, battles, songs and historic documents, all compiled by a marine historian Dan Conlin.