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Ancient Rome was a civilization that existed in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East between 753 BC and its downfall in AD 476. For several centuries, the Romans controlled the whole of Western Europe, as well as the entire area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and some of the area surrounding the Black Sea.

Ancient Rome Learning Topics:

Ancient Civilizations Pictures and clipart

Ancient Rome Internet Resources

Ancient Civilizations Clipart
A great selection of ancient civilization clipart and maps.

Roman Gods
You will find information about the Roman gods.

Childrens Ancient Rome
Brief history about Rome, Roman achievements, famous romans, the best and the worst of Romes emporers. Interactive maps of Rome, Italy and the empire. Find a timeline, pictures and much more.

Roman Economy
How Rome's economy with coins, trade, taxes, slaves, farms and other means worked.

Ancient Civilization, National Geographic
Read articals from National Geographic and learn about lost tribes, the Dikika baby, the sahara dessert and how they all give little answers from Africa's ancient civilization.

This website is dedicated to Ostia, the harbour city of ancient Rome

Ancient Roman History Timeline
Provides a chronological history of Ancient Rome with extensive links to internet resources.

The Roman Gladiator
You will find links to historical information that we collected about the history, origins, and daily lives of gladiators.

Roman Primary History
Explore Rome, find a timeline from 800 BC through 500 AD, explore the city of Rome, learn about the Roman army, religion, technology, even a fun Roman Dig IT Up game

The Roman Empire
Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

The Gods Of Roman Mythology
The Romans just couldn't have enough Gods.

Christian Catacombs of Rome
This site is intended for people who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Christian Catacombs of Rome and of the Church history in its origins