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Ancient Egypt


A Bequest Unearthed: Phoenicia
These Web pages are a compendium of the origin, history, geography, religion, arts & crafts, trade, language, literature, music, politics, wars, archaeological evidence, and contribution to Western and Middle Eastern culture of an ancient Canaanite people of the Middle East called the Phoenicians.

Syria Information
History and present time, maps and geography, lots to know about Syria.

Ancient Palestine
Learn a brief history about ancient Palestine: Introduction, geography, and history

Historical Syria and Phoenicia
The name Syria was employed by the Greeks to designate the eastern Mediterranean though it was not a nation, body of nations or country such as Egypt. The name Syria was derived from the famous Phoenician city of Sur..

Phoenician Art
Records of inscriptions from the ancient Eastern Mediterranean show that the Phoenicians were famous for their crafts and artistic work in metal, ivory, glass, terra cotta, wood and stone in addition to weaving and dyeing purple wool and fabrics