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Ancient Egypt


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Ancient Civilizations Clipart
A great selection of ancient civilization clipart and maps.

Myths of Babylonia and Assyria
AN interesting link about the fall of the Hammurabi Dynasty and how possibly the Hittites vanished.

Monuments of the Hittites
List of sites that has one or more monument belonging to the times of Hittite civilization.



Selected Excerpts on the Hittites
During the second millennium BC a group of people known as the Hittites, who spoke an Indo-European language, ruled over the Land of Hatti, in central and eastern Anatolia

This is the story of the Hittites, the most powerful people in the ancient Near and Middle East. Video.

The Hittite Pantheon

Hittite - Hurrian Mythology REF
A description of the pantheon, and history of the Hittites, who drew heavily upon the pantheon of their neighbors the Hurrians. These peoples lived primarily in the central and eastern portions of Anatolia during the second millenium B.C.