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Ancient Mayans

The Maya are a people of southern Mexico and northern Central America with some 3,000 years of rich history. The Maya were part of the Mesoamerican Pre-Columbian cultures. The Maya developed the famed cities of Tikal, Palenque, Cop�n and Kalakmul, as well as Dos Pilas, Uaxactun, Altun Ha, and many other sites in the area. They developed an agriculturally intensive, city-centered empire consisting of numerous independent city-states. The most notable monuments are the pyramids they built in their religious centers and the accompanying palaces of their rulers.

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Ancient Mayan Cities
Cosmology and Religion
Mayan Calendar
People, Geography and Languages
Pictures and Images
Writing and Hieroglyphics

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Ancient Mayans internet resources

Ancient Civilization, National Geographic
Read articals from National Geographic and learn about lost tribes, the Dikika baby, the sahara dessert and how they all give little answers from Africa's ancient civilization.

Mesoamerican Syllabaries Essay
A descriptive essay on 'True Writing' by Byron Hannon

Top Mayan God of Agriculture, Fertility, Rain and Lightning. He's also one of the ALPHABET-GODS known as God B. B is for Bursting Clouds.

KINICH-AHAU ia a Sun God known as the Sunface Fire Macaw.

Maya STORIES and Tales
Maya Stories: legends from don Pedro Miguel Say, a Q'anjob'al Maya from Guatemala, book chapter on Mayan village life. A phrase and pronunciation guide for everyday Yucatec Mayan; a Table of number-glyphs.

Mystery of the Maya - Maya civilization
The Maya are probably the best-known of the classical civilizations of Mesoamerica. Deep within the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala and extending into the limestone shelf of the Yucatán peninsula lie the fabled temples and palaces of the Maya..

Ancient Mayan Civilization
The Mayas are well known for pyramids, Find out more on Mayan

Mayan Indians,history,art,astonomy and more...

The Maya Ruins Page
A photographic tour of Maya archaeological sites in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Includes interactive maps, quotations from explorers and scholars, and a bibliography.

Chitchen Itza
Take a pictorial tour of Chichen Itza, Mexico, an ancient Mayan ceremonial center. Learn interesting facts of history.A great trip for Baby Boomers. It is convenient to Cancun.

GORP - Made Up of Time - Mayan Mexico
Ancient ruins and traditional culture of the Mayan people on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

Mayan Folktales

Maya Civilization Timeline
The Evolution of Maya culture, timeline..

An online resource for those interested in Mesoamerica.

Maya Photo Adventures
Maya Photo Adventures, Chichen Itza, tulum, coba, xcaret, cozumel, tikal, guatemala, playa del carmen, yucatan, mexico.

Mayan Pyramids of Chichen Itza
Pictures and information about the Mayan Pyramids of Chichen Itza