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Ancient Greece


Top God of the Earth and Ruler of Mount Olympus

God of Weightlifting and Heavy Burdens. He's the one with the whole world on his shoulders. Literally.
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The son of ZEUS and LETO

The three Greek Goddesses of Destiny and Fate.

Ancient Greece - Religion
This site provides information about Greek gods and some stories about them, stories about Greek heroes, mythology and more...

Zeus,the leader of the gods and god of the sky and thunder in Greek mythology.

Homer - Ancient Greek Epic Poet of the Odyssey and Iliad
Homer's ancestry can be traced from Odyssey. He was the son of Epikaste and Telemachus. Born around 8th - 9th century B.C. he was said to be a court singer and a story teller

Greek Gods
The Classical Gods Of Greek Mythology
Whether you're looking for specific information on GreekMythology for a school project, or simply enjoy a well-told and humorous myth, the gods have guided you to the right place.