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Ancient Egypt


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Like many ancient peoples, the Egyptians studied the night sky, taking measurements from the stars to accurately align their pyramids and sun temples with the earth’s four cardinal points

Although the Egyptians lacked the symbol for zero, they calculated numbers based on the decimal and the repetitive

The Egyptian calendar was based of a year of 365 days, with twelve months and three seasons. Each month had three ten-day weeks, for a total of 30 days

Plants and Animals of the Nile
The ancient inhabitants of the Nile were closely aware of their physical surroundings, especially the other living things in the valley.

Social Structure of Ancient Egypt
Some historians use the model of a pyramid to show Egyptian society: the king is at the apex, nobles and scribes fill in the top steps of the pyramid

Merchants of Ancient Egypt
There are images in Old Kingdom tombs of people at markets, buying and selling. Commerce was carried on by barter

Marriage and Adulthood in Ancient Egypt
Were there ceremonies to mark the end of childhood? Young boys seem to have been initiated into manhood through a circumcision ceremony

Scribes and Bureaucrats of Ancient Egypt
Few skills were more important in Egypt than the ability to read and write. No illiterate could hold high office. Knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic made the scribe a person of importance

Ancient Egypt
Pictures of Egyptian clothing.

Funerary Customs
Funeral customs of the Ancient Egyptians.

The People of Ancient Egypt
The ancient population of Egypt has never been extinguished nor replaced, but is in fact ancestral to most of the modern population of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians looked very much like modern Egyptians

Kings in Ancient Egypt
During the Age of the Pyramids, the King was a semi-divine figure, an embryo god, identified as "Son of the Sun".

Education in Ancient Egypt
Going to school was a privilege. Only children of the upper classes received a formal education. Reading and writing, the skills of a scribe