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Ancient Egypt


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Forgotten gods of the ancient Egyptians, showing how the remains of the civilization were inspired by an obsession with death and reincarnation

Egyptian Goddess of Happiness, which seems to have been in short supply in that part of the world.

Daughter of RA, BAST is the cat-headed Goddess of Fertility, Sensuality and Fire Prevention.

Thoth, Well-known God with the head of an Ibis. He's a good all-rounder for Arts, Science, Music, Astronomy, Speech and Letters.

Anubis - Academic Kids
Originally, in the Ogdoad system, he was god of the underworld, and his name is frequently thought to have reflected this, meaning something like putrefaction.

Hapy - Academic Kids
Hapy, was a deification of the annual flood of the Nile River, in Egyptian mythology, which deposited rich silt on the banks, allowing the Egyptians to grow crops

Anubis was a jackal-headed deity who presided over the embalming process and accompanied dead kings

Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Gods

Chnum - Academic Kids

Ptah - Academic Kids
In Egyptian mythology, Ptah is a creator god and originally the chief god in the pantheon of Memphis, Egypt.

Nuit - Academic Kids
In Egyptian mythology, Nuit or Nut was the sky goddess

Seker - Academic Kids
In Egyptian mythology, Seker is a god of craftsmen, and of re-incarnation (and thus of the dead, and of funerals)..

Tawaret was a popular deity in ancient Egyptian mythology. She was a household deity who protected women during pregnancy and child..

Bast - Academic Kids
In Egyptian mythology, Bast (also spelt Ubasti, and Pasht) is an ancient goddess, worshipped at least since the Second Dynasty

Horus is an ancient god of Egyptian mythology, whose cult survived so long that he evolved dramatically over time and gained many names..

Bes - Academic Kids
Bes (also spelt as Bisu) was a god thought to have been imported into Egyptian mythology from that of Nubia, during the Middle Kingdom