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Ancient Egypt


Pictures - Daily life in Ancient Egypt
Pictures of the daily life in Ancient Egypt

Aspects of Life in Ancient Egypt
One of the most astonishing facts about Egypt is how little everyday life changed over the millennia. The rhythm of Egyptian life was the rhythm of the Nile, and that changed only a few years ago...

To the Ancient Egyptians, the greatest art was writing. The scribe who mastered the hieratic and hieroglyphic writing systems

Ancient Egyptian Religion
Egyptian civilisation was a highly religious centred one. The complex and elaborate belief in afterlife was the part and parcel of Egyptian religious life.

Babylonian and Egyptian Mathematics

Toys of Ancient Egypt

Artists and Sculptors
Why did Ancient Egyptians draw and sculpt that way?

Daily Life

Geography and Agriculture
The geography of Egypt is deeply important in understanding why the Egyptians centered their lives around the Nile

All ancient Egyptians, rich or poor, male or female, wore linen clothing.. The lists of offerings in tombs almost always mentions linen

Egyptian Garments
Learn about the production of the cloth egyptians used.

Egyptian Education
Find out more about life in Ancient Egypt and what it was like to be a student in Roman Egyptian times.

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
Because the history of ancient Egypt spanned a period of more than three thousand years, customs and traditions varied in different periods. This guide focuses on the material culture of a nonroyal Egyptian family at the time of the New Kingdom

The Natural World
The Nile was the principal means of travel for the people of ancient Egypt. They developed various types of boats, including cargo, passenger, funerary..