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Ancient Egypt


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Pictures of Ancient Egypt Architecture
Pictures of Ancient Egypt Architecture

Egyptian civilization - Architecture

Mastaba Tombs
Mastaba tombs surround the pyramids of the Old Kingdom. Courtiers and families of the monarch were buried in these low rectangular brick or stone structures.

Luxor Temple
This temple is located a mile south of Karnak Temple. Karnak and Luxor temples were once joined by an avenue lined with two rows of human-headed stone sphinxes, guardians of the temple gates and the underworld

The first royal tombs, called mastabas, were built at Abydos during the first and second dynasties. They were marked with a stele inscribed with the kings’ names

The spectacular pyramids that have made Egypt so famous are truly one of the world's greatest architectural wonders. One of the oldest mysteries surrounding ancient Egypt concerns the building of the pyramids

Karnak Temple
Located at the northern end of the town of Luxor, Karnak Temple has three main sacred areas that honour three gods

Palaces were the residences of the pharaohs and their entourage. They consisted of a complex of buildings designed to house the headquarters of power and the temples for worshipping the gods

Valley of the Kings
The Valley of the Kings is famous for its royal tombs. These beautifully painted tombs