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Ancient Egypt


Carthage was an ancient city in North Africa located on the eastern side of Lake Tunis..

Ancient African Gods
Many Gods are spread across different regions, cultures and tribes. Find about all the ancient African Gods on this amazing site.

Wonders of African World
Explore the wonders of ancient Africa with PBS. Lost cities

Ancient Civilization, National Geographic
Read articals from National Geographic and learn about lost tribes, the Dikika baby, the sahara dessert and how they all give little answers from Africa's ancient civilization.

Explore Africa
Explore the richness of these African Wonders.

Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern Art
The collection of Ancient Egyptian and Nubian antiquities at the Michael C. Carlos Museum

Carthage - Engineering an Empire
Carthage - Engineering an Empire Video

Africa, Iron and Empire
In 730 BCE, the Nubians again invaded northern Egypt, and the Nubian king, Piankhi, moved his capital to Memphis and started Egypt's 25th dynasty. An Egyptianization of Nubian culture had begun, including the use of Egyptian writing. Egyptian became the official language of Nubian government

Facts African Civilization
Read quick facts about african civilization