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Northern Harrier

Red Tailed Hawk

Aqua Oceans: Lovebirds and Other Parrots
Lovebirds rare masked and fischer's. Normal, medium and dark mutations. African Grey parrots, Amazons, Red-Sided Eclectus.

Demoiselle Crane
Description,habits,diet and breeding information. - Bird Sounds
A place for birds! Resource for bird sounds.

New Zealand Birds
New Zealand's birds, endemic, native,introduced and extinct, together with a journal on the wider conservation and environmental issues.

Evening Grosbeak
Evening Grosbeaks are large, gregarious, nomadic finches that travel in raucous flocks.

Hawks in Flight Gallery: Buteos
Photo gallery of Buteos in Flight by Brian K. Wheeler.

Parrots of Australia, Asia and Pacific region

Piping Plover Atlantic Coast Population
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service overview of the biology and management of the threatened piping plover on the east coast. Features the full Recovery Plan, current productivity data, and a slide show.

Picture and information about the mynah birds.

Coopers Hawk


Bluebirds Are Free
Explores the attraction of wild bluebirds California Scrub Jays to the hand and interaction with them as friends, not as the owner of a pet. Also discusses implications for non-possessive relationships with humans.

The Virtual Bird
The Virtual Bird, a collection of bird photographs & songs, nature photographs, wildlife photographs, wildlife sounds

Robert Winkler - Nature Writing
Nature columns by Robert Winkler about his encounters with birds and other wildlife in the suburban wilderness of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

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