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Pictures of African Parrots
African parrots - pictures and information of African parrots.

Blue & Gold Macaws
The Blue-and-yellow Macaws (Ara ararauna), also known as Blue-and-gold Macaws, are found in the swampy forests of tropical South America.

Fred:The Blue & Gold Macaw

Macaw Pictures and Information
To get picture and information about a species click on the name.

Parrot Parrot
Parrot-Parrot is a site dedicated to the smaller parrots such as lovebirds Agapornis species and budgies parakeets, but it is also an excellent resource for information on ALL birds and parrots.

Fabulous Kakapo
the ancient, flightless Kakapo is the world's rarest and strangest parrot.

Facts About Macaws, Bird Care for Macaw Parrots
The site is intended to be fun and provide useful information concerning Macaws, their health and behavior.

Parrot Link
Parrot information and links.

Blue-Crowned Hanging Parrot
Contains information Blue -crowned Hanging Parrot

Grey-Cheek Parrots
Information about Grey-Cheeks, also known as Pocket Parrots.Weighing in at 50-65 grams, the grey cheek (Brotogeris pyrrhopterus), also known as a pocket parrot, orange-flanked parakeet or orange-winged parakeet, received its name primarily from its distinctive grey cheeks.

Parrots The Pet Bird Page
Parrot Comparison, and help finding right parrot breeds. comparing Grey, Love Bird, Cockatiel, Parakeets, Budgies, Conure, Sun, Jenday, Mollucan, Cockatoo, Sulfer, Quaker, Eclectus, and other parrots

Animal Bytes: Parrots
Parrot facts.