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Birds of Prey in Oklahoma
Birds of Prey in Oklahoma facts

All about birds of prey

Hawks in Flight Gallery: Western Raptors
Photo gallery of Western Raptors in Flight by Brian K. Wheeler.

Hawks in Flight Gallery: Eagles & Other Raptors
Photo gallery of Eagles, Kites, & Other Raptors in Flight by Brian K. Wheeler.

Birds of Prey
Information about and photographs of birds of prey that can be found in North America,

Northern Goshawk
The natural history, ecological information, post-fledging movements, habitat use, inlcudes many images and more…

Welcome to The Raptor Center
The Raptor Center is an international medical facility for birds of prey. Our mission is to preserve biological diversity among raptors and other avian species through medical treatment,scientific investigation, education, and management of wild populations.

Hawks, Eagles, and Falcons of North Dakota
Hawks, Eagles, and Falcons of North Dakota. A guide describing where raptors can be found in the state, what time of year they can be seen, plumage characteristics to help aid in identification, and more…

Oregon Raptor Center
The Oregon Raptor Center, located in Mill City, Oregon, is dedicated to protecting wild birds of prey through rehabilitation, public education, conservation and research.

The Raptor Center
Bird images, movies and sounds.

Audubon Adopt-a-Bird - Center for Birds of Prey
Photos, bios and educational info on all our raptor residents,eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, ospreys and vultures.