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Internet Resources
Welcome to a WWW source for information on attracting, watching, feeding, and studying North American hummingbirds Includes photos of known breeding species, feeder tips, and more.

Hummingbird Identification Guide
Hummingbird Identification Guide

Hummingbird Society
The Official site of the hummingbird Society. Includes a photo gallery.

Hummingbird Species
Hummingbird information,pictures, behavior,nests, identification,and more...

Hummingbird Gallery
Hummingbird picture gallery.

Hummingbird Behavior
Read about the behavior of hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Species
Pictures and images of hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Identification Tips
Hummingbird identification. Learn the parts of a hummingbird.

Debbie's Tips For Attracting and Feeding Hummingbirds
Tips For Attracting And Feeding Hummingbirds

Operation RubyThroat--Hummingbird Home Page
A cross-disciplinary international project in which students, teachers, and others collaborate to study behavior and distribution of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird Archilochus colubris.

Hummingbird Nests
Read about the typical hummingbird nests.