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Internet Resources

A comprehensive information from the SeaWorld on Flamingos. Includes description, behavior, reproduction, and conservation.

Flamingo Bird Pictures
A variety of flamingo pictures..

Lesser Flamingo
The Lesser Flamingo (Phoenicopterus minor) is a species in the flamingo family of birds which occurs in Africa (principally in the Great Rift Valley), across to Pakistan and northwest India

Flamingo Breeding and Reproduction
Description,habits,diet and breeding information of Flamingos.

Flamingos are gregarious wading birds..

Flamingo Facts
Flamingos are large birds that are identifiable by their long necks, sticklike legs and pink or reddish feathers.

With their bright feathers and strongly hooked bills, flamingos are among the most easily recognized waterbirds

Lesser Flamingo
Information about the Lesser Flamingo