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Defining feudalism is difficult because there is no generally accepted agreement on what it means. In order to begin to understand feudalism..

Medieval Life Feudalism
The Feudal System was introduced to England following the invasion and conquest of the country by William I

Feudalism in the middle ages
The rise and fall of the feudalisn had a dramatic impact on all areas of life in the Middle Ages.

Build a Medieval Castle
Learn about the Middle Ages by building an authentic medieval castle, complete with walls, towers, a gatehouse and a keep.

The Middle Ages - The Feudal System
William introduced a system of control and authority across the land, that we know of as Feudalism.

Medieval Clipart - Feudalism Pictures
A selection of feudalism related clipart and pictures..

The Middle Ages: Feudal Life
Read about the Feudal life, religion, home, clothes and more of the middle ages.