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Medieval Clothing Clipart and Pictures
A selection of medieval clothing and clipart...

Medieval Clothing
From the 11th through the 13th centuries, medieval clothing varied according to the social standing of the people

Women's Clothing in Early Russia
This set of webpages is my attempt to organize my notes on early Russian clothing

Women's Clothing in the Middle Ages
The quantity and quality of medieval woman's clothing depended mostly on status.

Clothing of Medieval Women
Medieval women wore a variety of different clothing styles dictated by many factors, but mostly by class.

History of the Kilt

Peasant Clothing
Peasant men wore stockings or tunics, while women wore long gowns with sleeveless tunics and wimples to cover their hair

Footwear of the Middle Ages Homepage
Shoemaking in the Middle Ages, particularly centered on the British Isles and Western Europe. It includes an examination of shoemaking and footwear types, techniques for working the leather, designing the pattern and shoe design.

The Middle Ages -- Clothing: Medieval Hats
What sort of hat would you have worn in Medieval times?