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*** Viking Pictures and Clipart ***
A great selection of Viking clipart and pictures.

Viking Religion and Mythology
One of the most important gods was the thunder god, Thor, who fought the giants.

Longships, langskip or drakkar were boats used by the Scandinavians and Saxons for mostly military purposes..

Viking Ship Home Page

The Viking Ships
Vikings have become famous principally thanks to the long trips they made in their ingeniously constructed ships in which they visited four continents..

The Viking Life
Vikings have been seen by most people as cold blooded warriors

Newfoundland and Labrador between 986 and 1030 AD

Viking ships
Vikingships and traditional norse wooden boats

The Viking Warriors
The Viking Warriors

Ancient History Projects - Viking Projects & Reources

The name Viking is a loan from the native Scandinavian term for..

The Vikings
Theme Pages on The Vikings

Viking Age
The Viking Age is the name of the period between 793 A.D and 1066 A.D in Scandinavia. This corresponds to the latter half of the early Iron Age..

A First Look at Vikings
A first look at the Viking world for Grade 3+

Athena Review 1,3: The Vikings in Vinland

Leifur Eiríksson Heritage Project Committee
Vikings, Reconstruction of Leif Eiríksson birthplace, The millenium, 2000, Dalbyggð and more.