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Pictures and Clipart of the Crusades
Pictures and clipart of the crusades..

The Internet Medieval Source Book
This site provides selected resources on the First Crusade, Second Crusade, Third, Foruth and Fifth Crusade, along with information of the Crusader Order.

The Crusades Five Centuries of Holy War
Read about the historical overview of the Crusades. This site includes a chronology of the crusades and more...

Crusades belong to that most viscous class of warfare-those undertaken in the name of faith.

The Crusades and Medieval Information
This page includes a list of links to crusades-related information.

The Crusaders
The history and causes of The First Crusade, and the role of the Francs before and during the Crusades.

The Crusades
The Crusades were a series of Holy Wars launched by the Christian states of Europe against the Saracens

The Crusades from the Catholic Encyclopedia
The Crusades from the the Catholic Encyclopaedia, first published in 1913

The Crusades
The Crusades were a series of military campaigns during Medieval times against the Muslims of the Middle East.