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Internet Resources

Mosquito Biology and Control
Information on mosquito

A to Z of insects
Insect List

Information on insects and photographs

The study of mites and ticks.

Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery
A large index of insect and plant related images. A good resource.

The helpful bugs with the strangest of tastes
Dung Beetles

Insects as Food - Insect Recipes
Anyone hungry? Why don't you try one of the insect recipes found on this site.

Iowa Insect Information Notes
A directory and search engine of insect related resources on the internet.

Insect Macrophotography: Page 1
Macrophotography provides an intimate exposure to the behavioral wonders of insects.

Entomology Index: Organisms
A rather large index of insect sites.

Insects Video
Video Insects are the most numerous and diverse of all animal groups on Earth.

NOVA Online/Odyssey of Life/Hot Science: Creepy Crawlies
Learn about insect you can find on your body and in your house.

University of Kentucky Department of Entomology
This section is designed for teachers, 4-H'ers, young people, and anyone else who wants to pursue an interest in Entomology

AES Bug Club Home Page
Information on bugs.