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Pictures of Sea Dragons
A good selection of sea dragon pictures..

Sea Horse Pictures
A good selection of sea horse pictures..

Explore the Anatomy of a Sea Urchin
Flash based activity. Explore the internal and external anatomy of a sea urchin.

Echonoderms Creatures of the Sea
Flash based online lesson about the different echnoderms, includes online anatomy of a starfish

Marine mammal photos including Risso's dolphin, Harbor seal, elephant seal, and sea lions.

AquaFacts: Gray Whales
Gray whales have the longest migration route of any mammal. Each year they cover more than 9,000 km travelling between their summer feeding areas and their winter breeding lagoons

AquaFacts: Harbour Seals
Harbour seals are found along the coast of the temperate Northern Hemisphere. There are several subspecies, such as the Pacific harbour seal,

Oregon Coast Aquarium - Newport
Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon. Sea life at sea level. Former home of Keiko, killer whales star of the Free Willy films.

AquaFacts: Pacific Salmon
Most Pacific salmon are anadromous: they are born in fresh water, spend their adult lives in the saltwater oceans and return to their natal rivers

AquaFacts: Steller sea lions
Steller sea lions range throughout the Pacific Rim (from northern California to Northern Honshu in Japan, and to the Bering Strait). About 70 percent of the Steller sea lion population resides in Alaska

AquaFacts: Sea Turtles
Sea turtles are the only species of turtle that live in the open ocean

AquaFacts: Leatherback Turtles
Leatherbacks are the largest of all the sea turtles

Welcome to the New England Aquarium
New England resources and ideas about the diversity of our water planet

Sharks Pictures
Sharks Pictures

AquaFacts: Sharks
Sharks live in every ocean of the world-from the Arctic to the Antarctic. They are also seen in some rivers and lakes. Worldwide

AquaFacts: Sea Otters
Small sea otter populations inhabit kelp forests, bays and coastal waters near islands, reefs, and fjords in the North Pacific Ocean