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Internet Resources

NOVA Online : Island of the Sharks
NOVA Online presents Island of the Sharks

Shark Video
Video clip of a shark

Shark Cam
See sharks, rays, jacks, snappers and groupers and get some background on these amazing hunters of the coral reef

Great White Shark Facts
When a great white shark is born, along with up to a dozen siblings

How to Feed a White Shark
Go behind the scenes with aquarist Freya Smith as she prepares dinner for a white shark

Great White Shark Facts
Great White Shark Facts, information and more..

SDNHM Shark Structure
Parts of a shark.

Shark Fact Printable
Download a Shark Fact Printable

Shark Coloring Sheet Printable
Download a Shark Coloring Sheet Printable

Shark Pictures and Illustrations
A selection of shark pictures, photos and illustrations

Sharks, Rays, Skates, Hammerheads, Pictures: Chondrichthyes Pictures-Animal Stoc
This Category of stock photographs includes: Sawfish, Hammerheads, Jaws, Sting Rays, Shark Eggs

Feeding Sharks
Watch how the sevengill, spiny dogfish and leopard sharks are feed at the aquarium.

New England Shark Species
Information and photos on shark species found in the waters around New England, including the blue, thresher, mako and porbeagle sharks.

Great White Shark
Contains some interesting reading about shark attacks.

Dave's Shark Zone
Shark photos taken while diving.

NOVA Online: Island of the Sharks
Information about sharks and sharkmasters.