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The Tide Pool
Tide pool pictures...

Rocky Shores Tide Pools
Tide pools are found in the intertidal zone along rocky coasts...

Virtual Tide Pool
Virtual Tide Pool

Mussel - Academic Kids
mussel is a bivalve mollusc that can be found in lakes, rivers, creeks, intertidal areas

Nudibranchs Pictures
Nudibranchs, also called sea slugs, are some of the more beautiful mollusks.

Tide Pools at Cabrillo National Monument
Tide Pools at Cabrillo National Monument

Sea anemone. - Academic Kids
The sea anemone is an animal that lives in the ocean.

Snail - Academic Kids
The name snail applies to most members of the molluscan class

Velvet Swimming Crab
This species is easily distinguishable from the common shore crab by the fact that the back legs are adapted into flat paddle-like flippers to aid swimming, and the eyes are red (hence the alternative name of devil crab).

Crab - Academic Kids
The term crab is often applied to several different groups of short (nose to tail) decapods with thick exoskeletons

Sea Anemones
Sea Anemone pictures

Chiton - Academic Kids
Information about Chitons

Seaweed - Academic Kids
Seaweeds are found among the green, red, and brown algae

All chiton are marine and most occur inter-tidally or in shallow water on rocky shores..

Barnacle - Academic Kids

Sea star - Academic Kids
Sea stars or starfish are animals belonging to phylum Echinodermata, class Asteroidea