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Annie Oakley
The Annie Oakley House in Cambridge..

Forts and Towns Along the Trails
Links to Old West Forts and Towns..

Information featuring the Northwest Ordinance..

Historic Sites on the Oregon-Trail

Butterfield Stage Route and Pony Express: Updated 02/21/01
An event of major consequence to the settlement and development of the West as well as areas in Colorado, was the desire for the establishment of a "regular" transportation system to facilitate the movement of mail, supplies, and people

The Overland Trail Links--The Old West History
Links to the Old West..

The Wild Wild West
Learn about the Robbers Roost, the territories became a safe haven for some of the old west's most desperate villains.

Death Valley Ghost Towns

Famous Pioneer Towns, Forts & Places

Western Outlaw-Lawman History Association WOLA
WOLA is an educational organization devoted to the history of the Old West.

New Perspectives on THE WEST
This companion site to Ken Burns' program about the American West features an interactive timeline, maps, and an archive of primary source materials.

African American West
This site provides stories, photographs, historical essays, and bibliographies, all of which help visitors to understand the contribution of African Americans to the American West.

The American Experience/The Donner Party

Stage Coach - American Western History Museums - Bronze Stagecoach
Stage Coach into American History Museums

Gold Rush Stories of Women Pioneers

Pomp: The True Story of the Baby on the Sacagawea Dollar
He’s cute, sleepy, and in your pocket. He’s Pomp—the Sacagawea dollar baby. In this e-book for kids, learn about his amazing life as an adventurer in the American West.

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