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Wild West Legends
Factual, historical information on the famous people that lived when the American West was still wild. Information on outlaws, lawmen, gunfighters, showmen and women and Native Americans from the Old West.

People in THE WEST - Emmeline Wells
Emmeline Wells was a leading figure in Mormon politics and in the women's suffrage movement...

People in THE WEST - William F. Cody
In a life that was part legend and part fabrication, William F. Cody came to embody the spirit of the West for millions

People in THE WEST - Levi Strauss
One of the best-known beneficiaries of California's gold rush economic boom.

People in THE WEST
This interactive biographical dictionary provides concise profiles of the men and women featured in THE WEST.

People in THE WEST - John Gibbon
John Gibbon was a career infantry commander who found himself repeatedly on the battlelines that helped shape American history.

People in THE WEST - Meriwether Lewis
The official leader of the epic Lewis and Clark Expedition.

People in THE WEST - Frank Cushing
Frank Hamilton Cushing was, in his methods and thinking, a forerunner of anthropologists in our own century.

People in THE WEST - Black Kettle
Southern Cheyenne chief Black Kettle.

People in THE WEST - Francisco Vásquez de Coronado
Francisco Vázquez de Coronado led one of the most remarkable European explorations of the North American interior.

People in THE WEST - Alfred H. Terry
General Alfred Howe Terry played an important role in the army's long, often ruthless campaign to gain control of the northern plains.

People in THE WEST - Antonio López de Santa Anna
The dominant figure in Mexican politics for much of the 19th century, Antonio López de Santa Anna left a legacy of disappointment and disaster by consistently placing his own self-interest above his duty to the nation.

People in THE WEST - Julia Louisa Lovejoy
Through her letters to New England newspapers, Julia Louisa Lovejoy left a vivid account of the tumult that wracked Kansas during the struggle over abolition and slavery.

People in THE WEST - Stephen F. Austin
Known as, The Father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin established the first Anglo-American colony in the Tejas province of Mexico and saw it grow into an independent republic.

People in THE WEST - Big Foot
As the leader of the Miniconjou band massacred at Wounded Knee Creek on December 29, 1890...

People in THE WEST - Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
Among the first American settlers in the West, the Whitmans played an important role in opening the Oregon Trail and left a tragic legacy that would continue to haunt relations between whites and Indians for decades after their deaths.