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California Gold Rush Timeline
A month-by-month train of events that led from the dicovery of gold in 1848 to California's statehood in 1850

Gold Fever
This site, and the museum exhibition it previews, commemorate the 150th anniversary of the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill on January 24,

Gold Rush
Read about the Miner's Essential gear used during the gold rush era.

Discovery of Gold in California
The discovery of gold in California, as told by Gen John A. Sutter.

California as I Saw It - First-Person Narratives of California's Early Years, 1
This site consists of the full texts and illustrations of 190 works documenting the formative era of California's history through eyewitness accounts.

Gold Rush
Great information about the California Gold Rush, presented by the Sacramento Bee.

Gold Rush Sesquicentennial

Discovery of Gold, by John A. Sutter - 1848
John A. Sutter was born in Baden in 1803 ..

Women in the Gold Rush
Excerpts from diaries and letters of women in the gold rush era.

The Gold Rush
A complete compendium on the California Gold Rush

Gold Rush! California's Untold Stories, Oakland Museum of California.
This site preserves and supplements four major exhibitions celebrating the gold rush sesquicentennial, at the Oakland Museum of California.

Lots of links to gold rush websites.

California's Gold Rush Country: Historic Sites & Spectacular Scenery
California's Gold Rush Country, presents in spectacular color the historic sites and places that remain from that era at the Sesquicentennial of discovery of gold.

California - The Gold Rush
See the Gold Rush from many points of view. Eyewitness accounts, authentic songs, travel suggestions, and pictures about the year the world came to California for the Gold Rush.

California Gold Rush
This homepage was created for the students of Mrs. Atkinson-Adams Intro. to U.S. History class. Just like the people of the gold rush, these students have come to California from many different countries of the world, and are in their second year of English studies

Gold Rush Chronology 1846 - 1849
San Francisco Gold Rush Chronology 1846-1849.