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What is lake-effect snow?
Lake-effect snow forms when cold air passes over the warmer waters of a lake.

Why is the sky blue?
Like most curious people, you have probably asked at some time, “Why is the sky blue?” Or if you saw a beautiful sunset or sunrise, you might have asked, “Why is the sky red?”

What makes it rain?
Clouds form from water or ice that has evaporated from Earth’s surface, or from plants that give off water and oxygen as a product of photosynthesis.

Storm Spotter Guide
Storm Spotter's Guide an illustrated guide to identifying severe storms

Tornado Project Online
This site gathers, compiles, and makes tornado information available to weather enthusiasts.

Franklin's Forecast
Franklin's Forecast - An Interactive Exhibit About Weather Forecasting Technologies

Exploring: Weather
Information on lightning.

Midlatitude Cyclones: bringing weather change
Midlatitude cyclones are the cause of most of the stormy weather in the United States, espeically during the winter season. Understanding thestructure and evolution of midlatitude cyclones is crucial for predicting significant weather phenomena such as blizzards, flooding rains, and severe weather.

Weather Dude
Weather Education Meteorology Education Weather for Teachers Weather for Kids Science for Teachers Weather for Parents educational weather weather links atmosphere earth science weather experiments weather forecast weather education meteorology elementary grades K-12

USA Today's Weather

A list of weather links

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