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History Internet Resources

Weather Clipart
A variety of weather related clip art.

Classroom Clipart - Weather Pictures and Illustrations
A large selection of weather pictures. Includes clouds, lightning, tornadoes

Exhibits Collection -- Weather
Ice, snow, rain, wind, storms--what causes our weather? Learn about weather patterns and discover how our climate is changing. Try your hand at being a storm chaser in a hands-on Web activity.

World Climate
What the weather is normally like for tens of thousands of places worldwide

Understanding air density
Read about air density.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service Home page. The starting point for official government weather forecasts, warnings, meteorological products for forecasting the weather, and information about meteorology.

Hurricane Hunters
Fly into the eye of a hurricane with the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters

Weather in General
Weather Adventures and information for kids

Understanding floods and droughts
Understanding floods and droughts Real-time flood information , Flood: Causes and forecasting , NWS Hydrologic Services , Measures of water supply , Western water supply , Western water policy , Wild fire danger

Weather Dude: Meteorology made simple for kids, parents and teachers.
The educational Weather page for kids, parents and teachers from Nick Walker of The Weather Channel.

Understanding Sky Colors
Understanding sky colors Learn about sky colors and optics from Photo gallery This photo shows crepuscular rays near sunset.


Encyclopedia article about Thunderstorms.

Franklin's Forecast
Franklin's Forecast - An Interactive Exhibit About Weather Forecasting Technologies

All About Glaciers: The Glacier Story
What makes a glacier? Where are glaciers found?
How does the climate affect glaciers?

Converting between the different temperature scales
Converting between the different temperature scales The graphic above shows how temperatures on the Fahrenheit scalerelates to the Celsius scale.