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Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
FREE Science experiments - Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab. Come check out our educational and fun free science experiments for kids, children, teachers, and parents.

Peanut Power
How much energy is in a single peanut?

Energy From the Sun
Three activities that bring the sun to life

Battery Life
An experiment using the scientific method to determine which brand of battery lasts the longest

Physics demonstrations, Science Exhibits (Bill B's Homepages)

Math Forum: Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects
Individual project ideas and collections of suggestions for students planning to participate in a math or science fair, with links to pages featuring math fairs. You are invited to submit your project via this Forum Web page.

Measuring the Wind
A simple gauge to measure how strong the wind is blowing.

Splitting Water to Make Oxygen and Hydrogen
The force of water!
Water is made up of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen, and these gases can be produced through electrolysis.

Lemon Power
Use a lemon to make a voltaic battery and even power a digital watch.

Open & Short Circuits
Find out how to make an open and a short circuit.

Dr. Slimes
How to make slime,homebrewed slime,slime,preparation of slime,indrustrial slime,simple,easy...

What Makes a Good Science Fair Project?


Cool House
Using shade trees to keep your home cool.

The Sun's Jobs
What jobs does the sun do? Make a "sun jobs" chart or book with students.

Heat From Light Bulbs
The higher the watts, the hotter the bulb?

Make Your Own Lightning
Find out how lightning works in a storm by safely creating mini-lighting bolts.



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