About US

Welcome to CyberSleuth-Kids.Com, an online search engine and guide for the K-12 student. CyberSleuth-Kids is the creation of the hard work of a teacher and the volunteers that make this site possible. The goal of CyberSleuth-Kids is to provide a safe educational online database of links to help the student sift through the maze of information.

Many of you have spent countless hours wandering around the Information Super Highway looking for information. So have your students. Often times more information is found than we need. We are here to help students pinpoint important information. Only sites that meet our standards are submitted into the database. Our goal is not to have the largest database of web sites. Quite the contrary, the goal is to have an exclusive and educationally valuable web site.

Would You Like to Help?

Do you want to help? We are looking for volunteer educators to recommend top notch educational sites. If you have expertise in a specific subject matter we at CyberSleuth- Kids would like to ask you to join our community of educators. us. How can you help? There are three different ways. First, we are looking for educators and parents to sort through the internet and add valuable links to CyberSleuthKids. Second, we are now in the process of creating two additional sites, ClassroomClipart and LessonPlanCentral. ClassroomClipart will provide students access to images, photographs and clipart from a variety of sources. If you have have photographs, student artwork and clipart you created and would like to share with the educational community, we invite you to submit these to ClassroomClipart. Third, we will be moving the lessonplans section from CyberSlueth-Kids to LessonPlanCentral. You may have lessons that can be added to the database, or maybe you would like to search the net for valuable lessons for teachers.

Contact Us at: info5@pacbell.net