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History Internet Resources

Maps from Around the World
A great resource for country maps from around the world...

Flags from Around the World
A great resource for flags from countries around the world...

EarthCam for Kids - Webcam Search Engine

Cities of Nebraska Community Websites
Directory of links to community pages in the state of Nebraska.

World War II
The Second World War lasted for 6 years. Just think of that ... pretend that the war just started today. How old will you be in 6 years? Not everyone went to fight, but everyone helped in the 'war effort' in some way or other. This section of our website looks at the lives of those who stayed behind at home..

The Gibraltar Home Page
The Official Gibraltar Web Site. You will find information to the history, nature,tourism, Port of Gibraltar and more...

Expedia Worldwide Links - Niue, Pacific Ocean
A guide to Niue tourist, country, and history.

SAVAGE SEAS - The Crow's Nest

Water Theme for Children
There's a lot of water in our world. This is just a small drip of it. Let's click on the ship and find out all about it.

Alaskan Tlingit and Tsimshian - Banknotes of Biafra
Pictures of banknotes from Biafra along with country specific info.

This is the story of a wandering tribe from Northern Mexico who through bravery, trickery, cruelty, genius became a great civilization.

JerseyWeb Jersey, Channel Islands Index Page
The main index page for JerseyWeb Jersey Channel Islands.

New Jersey [The USA CityLink Project]
A comprehensive listing of U.S. States and Cities offering information on travel, tourism in New Jersey.

Information about the Grant Canyon.

Fact book containing country background information, maps, flags, economics and much more..