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Plant Resources

Systematics of the Plantae
Learn about the different plant groups.

Gardeb Guides
resource for all of your Gardening Needs. It provides information regarding the general description of theplants, the various methods of cultivation, such as indoor or outdoor planting, soil andtemperature requirements, pruning, and other important details...

Desert Pictures

Introduction to the Plantae
The Plantae includes all land plants: mosses, ferns, conifers, flowering plants, and so on an amazing range of diverse forms.

Flowering Plant Family Identification
Select the characters that are present in the specimen being identified. Press Submit when ready to determine possible families.

Reproductive Characteristics
Covers the reproductive parts of flowering plants--flowers, fruits, and seeds.

The Wonderful World of Trees
Here you will learn all about trees.

UCMP Glossary of Natural History Terms, #8
A glossary of botanical terms.

The Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages
These pages describe information about tree-ring research, or dendrochronology.

Rocky Mountain Wildflower Photography
Our goal is to produce a sense of how Rocky Mountain flowers look in their native landscapes as well as to helppeople identify wildflowers when they visit the Rocky Mountains.