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List of Flowers and Flowering plant
The flowers produced by flowering plants (Division Magnoliophyta) are of great interest to gardeners, florists, botanists, and nature lovers the world over. The following List of flowers..

Flowering plant
The flowering plants (also angiosperms or Magnoliophyta) are one of the major groups of modern plants..

Information about annual plants listed in alphabetical order.

- Flower Pictures Illustrations and Photographs
A selection of flower pictures, including historical illustrations

- Flower Clipart -
A variety of flower clipart from Classroom Clipart...

African Violets Online
This is the place to come on the web for information about African violets and other gesneriads.

Reproductive Characteristics
Covers the reproductive parts of flowering plants--flowers, fruits, and seeds.

Flowering Plant Family Recognition
Learn to recognize on sight the family membership of specimens representing 60 flowering plant families.

Flowering Plant Family Identification
Select the characters that are present in the specimen being identified. Press Submit when ready to determine possible families.