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Pictures and Images of Plants
A great resource for plant pictures and images..

Vascular Plant Images
This site provides access to a digital library of vascular plant images.

A comprehensive resource on the ferns found in south eastern Australia.

Arizona's Petrified Forest
Arizona's Petrified Forest

Carnivorous Plant Database
Carnivorous Plant

Desert Pictures

Vascular Plant Image Gallery - Summary listing - Families A-B
Image gallery of vascular plants.

Plants In Motion
Time lapsed movies on plant growth.

Calatog of Botanical Illustrations
Botanical drawings and paintings

BSA Image Collection
A collection of approximately 800 images available for instructional use. Currently, there are 14 collections of images: Plant Geography, Plant Morphology, Phloem Development, Xylem Development, Floral Ontogeny, Lichens, Economic Botany,Carnivorous Plants, Organography, Pollen, Paleobotany, Plant Defense Mechanisms, Plant Anatomy