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Living With Elephants!
Mission to resolve conflict between people and African elephants in Botswana through research, education, community outreach and tourism programs.

Alberta's Endangered Species
Some of the Alberta Species that are In Danger

Home Page of The Nature Conservancy - Help Protect Endangered Species
The Nature Conservancy: Among environmental organizations, we fill a unique niche: preserving habitats and species by buying the lands and waters they need to survive. We invite you to come and explore our website and discover more about The Nature Conservancy.

Endangered Species List
Species Directory

Virtual Galápagos: Wildlife - Sea Turtles
Wildlife and coastal zone of the Galapagos Islands.

BAGHEERA Endangered Species Database
endangered species

US Wildlife: Endangered Species
U.S. Listed Vertebrate Animal Species Index By Lead Region and Status

Kids Planet
Defenders of Wildlife

Endangered Species in the National Parks
Endangered Species in the National Parks.

Explorers Club: Save Our Species
Images and information about endangered species.

AMNH - Expedition : Endangered!
endangered species biodiversity

Clickable map of the United States -
Click on your state to learn about endangered species in your area and what is being done to help conserve them.

Endangered species
endangered species