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Burmese Star Tortoise
The Burmese Star Tortoise is becoming extinct in its native Myanmar..

Cuban Crocodile
The Cuban crocodile is a small species native only to Cuba's Zapata

Sea turtle
Sea turtles are large, ocean-dwelling turtles. There are seven species of sea turtle..

Komodo Dragon
The Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is the largest lizard in the world..

Leatherback Sea Turtle
The Leatherback Sea Turtle is the biggest of all turtles alive, reaching a length of 2 metres..

10 amphibians and reptiles federal protection
the nationís top 10 amphibians and reptiles in need of immediate federal protection to stave off extinction.

Massasauga Rattlesnake
The massasauga is one of the two poisonous snakes in Wisconsin, the timber rattlesnake is the other

Ornate Box Turtle
Ornate box turtles live strictly on land. They live in dry prairies and oak savannas with deep sandy soils. The sandy soil allows them to burrow deep enough to avoid freezing in winter

Blanding's Turtle
Blanding's turtles' homes are in wetland areas. The turtles need both water and land to survive. Wetland areas are disappearing in Wisconsin

Northern Ribbon Snake
This garter snake resembles other garter snakes at first glance, although it is usually much more slender. Its belly is white, often turning yellow near the tail.

Queen Snake
This beautiful snake calls water home. It needs clear streams with good currents and rocky bottoms in order to survive.

Western Ribbon Snake
There are less than a half dozen records of this endangered snake being seen in Wisconsin. All of them were seen in or next to open, mostly marshy, wetland habitat

Marine Turtles
Six of the seven species of marine turtles are listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered, and the outlook is increasingly grim

Slender Glass Lizard
The slender glass lizard was placed on the Wisconsin Endangered and Threatened Species List in 1979 because of its loss of habitat and low numbers

List of endangered reptiles
List of endangered reptiles