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Earth Science Resources

- Earth Science Videos -
A collection of earth science videos

The Ozone Hole Tour : Home Page
The Ozone Hole Tour is a multimedia educational journey of discovery. Find out about the history of the discovery of the hole, the science behind it and what scientists are doing to understand it.

The Living Edens: Manu, Peru's Hidden Rain Forest
Along the eastern base of the Andes is a great red and winding river named Manu - the life blood and main highway for the Manu Biosphere Reserve.

Earth's Atmosphere - Zoom Astronomy
Learn about the Earth and the Earth's atmosphere.

Reactive Nitrogen–Cycling Through the Atmosphere and Ecosystem
Learn about the sources, effects, and consequences of nitrogen deposition in our environment. Interactive Diagram

Earth Science Missions
The objectives of this program are to provide the terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Airnow - Air Quality Index
The Air Quality Index (AQI) is an index for reporting daily air quality. It tells you how clean or polluted your outdoor air is, and what associated health effects might be a concern for you

Earth's water--surface water, ground water, and more
Earth's water: How much is there? Where is it located? And lots more. USGS's Water Science for Schools site.

Desert Life
Learn about the desert environment and the unique characteristics that define the beautiful arid and semi-arid landscapes of the American Southwest.

Undersea Electronic Field Trip
JASON Project, a year-round scientific expedition is designed to engage students in science and technology. Students post results of their local field investigations online, to initiate electronic collaborations with students around the world, and compare and contrast research findings to help them develop hypotheses.

Sea and Sky: The Sea
sea reefs ocean

1906 San Francisco Earthquake Photographs
Photgraphs 1906 Great Earthquake San Francisco.

Explorers Club: When Greenville Turned Brown
A small town called Greenville was a nice place to live, With forests and ponds, it had lots to give. The people were happy in this little town, Until something happened and Greenville turned brown.

The Desert Environment - DesertUSA
All you ever wanted to know about deserts, with emphasis on the desert of North American and their 4 main divisions -- the Chihuahuan, Great Basin, Mojave and Sonoran.

This Dynamic Earth--Contents [USGS]
plate tectonics

Precipitation: hail, rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow
When cloud particles become too heavy to remain suspended in the air, they fall to the earth as precipitation. Precipitation occurs in a variety of forms; hail, rain, freezing rain, sleet or snow.