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Mineral Clipart
A vareity of mineral cliparts and pictures...

Pictures of Minerals
A vareity of mineral clipart and pictures...

Mineral Gallery
An excellent resource for information about minerals. The Mineral Gallery is a constantly growing collection of mineral descriptions, images, and specimens.

*** Pictures of Rocks, Minerals and Gems ***
Photographs, clipart and images of rocks, minerals and gems.

Miller's Gemology and Lapidary
This site provides information about cutting and polishing of Gemstones, a guide for gemstone classification and a list of gems and their descriptions.


Metamorphic rock
Metamorphic rock is the result of the transformation of a pre-existing rock type, the protolith, in a process called metamorphism, which means..

Gemstone Information and Folklore
Learn about gemstone lore and legend.

Igneous rocks
Igneous rocks are formed when molten rock (magma) cools and solidifies, with or without crystallization

Mineral Information Institute
A mineral photograph gallery. You will find lots of pictures of minerals.

Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection
A list of gems and mineral from the Smithsonian. Includes information and pictures of minerals.

How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed
Online lesson how sedimentary rocks are formed.

Sedimentary Rocks
Information and classification of sedimentary rocks

Mineral Resources
Detailed information for the mineral collector.