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Recycler's World
Recycler's World was established to promote the trade of scrap & waste materials

U.S. EPA Student Center
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's site for students. Lots of interesting things to read and do to learn about the environment. Information about environmental internships, jobs, careers and awards.

Waste Information for Students

The World's Shortest Comprehensive Recycling Guide
The World's Shortest Comprehensive Consumer Recycling Guide. One page packed with all the basic information, with links to the details.

The Consumer Recycling Guide: Recycling Obscure Materials

Dumptown Game Introduction
You are Dumptown's new City Manager! When you start to play, you'll see Dumptownat its worst it's littered, polluted, and nothing is being recycled or reused. There are many trash cans and dumpsters, but no recycling bins. That means all of the trash is going right into the landfill just outside town, where it isn't doing anyone any good.