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What are Greenhouse Gases?
Greenhouse gases are atmospheric gases that trap infrared radiation emitted from the earth, lower atmosphere, or clouds or aerosols and, as a result, cause positive radiative forcing (which means they enhance global warming). Many of these gases are naturally occurring and are essential to life on earth

Global Warming
Global warming and climate change are terms for the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate system and its related effects.

Global Warming (The Warming of the Earth) - The Woods Hole Research Center
A beginner's guide to understanding the issue of global warming

Earth on Fire

The Ozone Hole Tour : Home Page
The Ozone Hole Tour is a multimedia educational journey of discovery. Find out about the history of the discovery of the hole, the science behind it and what scientists are doing to understand it.

Solar Education - Renewable Energy: An Overview
An Overview of the Greenhouse Effect..

ARM Education Site: Ask an ARM Scientist
Our team will answer questions related to global warming, radiation, weather, ARM, or the environment.

WWF - Climate Change Campaign
Articles and information about climage changes...

Global Warming/Climate Change Theme
Provides links to environmental studies curricular resources and instructional materials in the specific topic of global warming or climate change.

What's up with the weather?
This NOVA Online and FRONTLINE report examines the science and politics of global warming and what climatologists really know about the greenhouse effect.

Global Warming Webquest
In this Webquest activity, students assume roles of scientist, business leader, or policy maker. The students then collaborate as part of a climate action team and learn how society and the environment might be impacted by global warming.

What is the Carbon Cycle
The cycling of carbon from the atmosphere to organic compounds and back again not only involves life but also involves the atmosphere. The carbon cycle describes the pathway that carbon takes..

Methane Background Information
Methane is a gas and is made of one molecule of carbon and four molecules of hydrogen. Methane is odorless and colorless and is lighter than air

Global Warming -- The Cooler Heads Coalition
Global Warming informational page..

TOMS Ozone Page
Near realtime measurements of ozone in the atmosphere.

NOAA Paleo Global Warming Home
Site developed to help educate, inform and highlight the importance of paleoclimate research and to show how paleoclimate research relates to global warming...