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Internet Resources

Sea otters
Information about the breeding,habitat,diet,and description of the otter. Includes pictures of the otter.

Sea Otter Cam
Live Sea Otter Cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Sea Otters
Sea otters are native to American and Asian shores of the North Pacific Ocean where they can find regions with kelp and shallow intertidal waters with a rocky or sandy bottom.

Sea Otter: Wildlife Notebook Series
Sea otter species description from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Notebook Series.Alaska Department of Fish and Game page description.

GoldenStateImages - Sea Otter Images
Photography of sea otters taken in the wild along the sourthern california coast.

Otter - - Your Source for Otter Fun, Facts, and Faces homepage
Otternet was formed to help educate people on otters - providing a wealth of facts not found anywhere else on the web. It is the official otternet.