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Internet Resources

Pictures of Marine Life
A large selection of marine animal pictures to download.

GoldenStateImages - Sea Otter Images
Photography of sea otters taken in the wild along the sourthern california coast.

Indonesia Oceanic Cetacean Program
APEX Environmental - Visual and acoustic surveys, identifications of sensitive marine areas and ocean conservation initiatives in a region known to harbour the richest marine diversity worldwide, focuses on whale and dolphin research in remote parts of Sulawesi and Komodo, Indonesia.

The Society for Marine Mammalogy
Provides information on upcoming meetings and well as a list of abstracts from the society's peer-reviewed, scientific journal, Marine Mammal Science. A special section gives advice to those interested in a career in marine mammal science.

Wetland and Aquatic Research Center
WARC's Sirenia Project conducts long-term detailed studies on the life history, population dynamics, and ecological requirements of the West Indian manatee.

Marine Mammals
Marine mammal photos including Risso's dolphin, Harbor seal, elephant seal, and sea lions.