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Celebrating Black History
Celebrate Black History Month with your children,1156,...

Amistad Slave Ship Newspaper
Great newspaper on the slave ship Amistad...

Martin Luther King, Jr.
This site contains secondary documents written about Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as primary documents written during King's life.

History Channel Exhibits: Black History Month
How would you like to step inside a museum of history, admission-free? Our online gallery is a state-of-the-art cultural experience.

History: The Charlotte Mecklenburg Story
Learn about Charlotte & Mecklenburg County's rich history with the CM Story. Mecklenburg People, African American community, Mecklenburg timeline of events, People on the Hill

Biographies of Participants in the Amistad Cases
Biographical Descriptions of Participants of in the Amistad Cases.

Museum of Afro-American History Boston
The Museum of Afro American History, Boston, is a not-for-profit cultural institution dedicated to preserving, conserving and accurately interpreting the contributions of African Americans.

Brotherly Love Part 3
Part three of PBS' Afrcian's in America history 1791-1831

Black History Month Coloring Pages
These coloring pages will help kids learn about the important contributions of these African-Americans...

Judgment Day Part 4
PBS's African's in America Part four 1831-1865

Celebrating Black History
Educational site for family education on Black History

The Terrible Transformation Part 1:
African-American history with PBS 1450-1750

Revolution Part 2
PBS' African's in America part 2 in black history.

African American Resources
This site provides selectedd links to sites about African Americans. video, audio, documents

Civil Rights
Black history African American history Slavery Slavery in America American Slavery Slave trade Reconstruction Civil Rights First Black Senators Black Wall Street racism Detroit Riot violence in schools Black racism