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Amistad Slave Ship Newspaper
Great newspaper on the slave ship Amistad...

Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman, born a slave and escaped from her plantation in 1848, the first of many trips along the ungerground railroad. Harriet became notorious with $40,000 reward for her capture.

Richard Sheridan
Richard Brinsley Sheridan was born in Dublin on 30th October 1751. Sheridan's parents moved to London and in 1762 he was sent to Harrow School

Francis Fredric
Francis Fredric was born a slave in Fauquier County, Virginia. When he was fourteen years old..

William Lloyd Garrison
In 1828 Garrison met Benjamin Lundy, the Quaker anti-slavery editor of the Genius of Universal Emancipation. The following year he became co-editor of Lundy's newspaper..

13th Amendment
On 23rd September, 1862 Abraham Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation..

Lucy Stone
Lucy Stone was born in West Brookfield, Massachusetts on 13th August, 1818..

Nat Turner
Nat Turner was born in Southampton, Virginia on 2nd October, 1800. Nat, the son of slaves..

The First World War
First World War

Fanny Wright
Fanny Wright bought slaves from neighbouring farmers, freed them, and gave them land on her settlement.

Amistad. An illustrated account of the 19th-century slave ship rebellion.

Slave Ships
An estimated 15 million Africans were transported to the Americas between 1540 and 1850. To maximize their profits slave merchants carried as many slaves as was physically possible on their ships...demographic statistics of slave ships

Harriet Jacobs
Harriet Jacobs was born a slave in Edenton, North Carolina in 1813. Harriet's mother, Delilah, was the slave of John Horniblow, a tavern-keeper, and her father

Tom Paine
Tom Paine, the son of a Quaker corset maker, was born in Thetford in Norfolk on 29th January, 1737. After being educated at the local grammar school Paine..

Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Edward Pease
Edward Pease, the son of a wool merchant, was born in Darlington on 31st May, 1767. At the age of fourteen he left school and went to work with his father..