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Medieval Castle Clipart and Pictures
A selection of Medieval Castle Clipart and pictures...

Kids' Castle
The home page has an aerial view of the castle. Clicking on a part of the view takes you to that part of the castle. You will find out about the people that lived there and what they did.

Excellent websites which list castles around the world. Includes pictures of castles.

Parts of a Castle
Will assist you in identifying different parts and architectural features of castles

Label the Parts of a Castle
Online activity where you can label parts of a castle

Castle Architecture

Castles, Abbeys and Medieval Buildings
These pages are a record of castles, abbeys, churches, manor houses

Parts of a Medieval Castle
This site provides a diagram of the Parts of a Medieval Castle

Medieval Castles
Parts of a medieval castle..

Castles @
Explore a medieval castle.

Motte and Bailey Castles
Earthwork castles fall into two main types, mottes and ringworks.

Castle Parts
Castle Parts. Castle studies on history, architecture, design, and preservation.

Historical Essays & Perspectives
Evolution of castles in Wales..

Life in a Medieval Castle
Life in a Medieval Castle. Castle studies on history, architecture, design, and preservation.

Castles on the Web: Castle Tours
Castles on the Web offers an extensive database of all things Castle related including a castle photo gallery, free castle web pages, hundreds of castle links, castle site of the day, castles for kids and more!

Castles of Britain
Dedicated to the study and promotion of British Castles